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The World Cup Finals and LeBron James

I am not a football fan or watching it regularly but I have seen so many posts in Facebook about the recent World Cup in Brazil. There are days that it is even flooding with updates especially when host nation Brazil was stunned and humiliated by Germany. That was the words I got from hubby when I asked him what happened and who will be playing in the World Cup Final. He said that the Germans are so unforgiving when they thrashed the five-time champions Brazil in a 7-1 score line. He also said that it is one of the most lopsided defeats of Brazil and it happen at their own ground.

With what I’ve seen from different social media, I’m pretty sure that many Brazil fans are still sobbing from that defeat. I’ve even read in news report that it would take for a long time for Brazil to recover from the defeat. It seems that it is a big blow to the morale of not only the Brazil team but to the entire Brazil itself knowing that football is their life. Anyway, while many are still talking about Brazil’s defeat, up north of the Americas, hubby said that LeBron James is making headlines at the moment with his impending free agency status in the NBA. There are lots of rumors that he will be going back to his old club Cleveland Cavaliers after four seasons in the sunny side, in Florida. He played in Miami Heat that reached the NBA Finals in four straight seasons, winning two championships along the way.

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