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Majestic Ancestral House

A close friend just told me that they recently visited an old friend who lives in the suburbs of northern Cebu. It took them about 2 hours and a half to get there instead of only one and a half due to the rehabilitation of some roads. When they reached the town, an array of majestic ancestral houses that lined the streets of the north side by side with the century old rain trees shadowing over and across the narrow path, greeted us. Another turn and they’re in his friend’s humble abode which was constructed last 2009 in his 1000 square meter property.

He said that it stood on a rocky terrain that made it more stable and standing tall at 2 levels with an attic. Its walls are painted in white hallelujah and have laminate flooring that reflects light from the high ceilings which adds to the wide feel of the living space. Decorative planters were distributed around the receiving area going towards the family room. Antique furniture is a common sight since his friend’s folks are collectors of sorts

 Although some rooms are suited up for a modern look, it still emanates the sense of ease and comfort. And the kids really had a great sleep-over as well as the adult too. He said that it was indeed an awesome experience to be in the ancestral house as they chat the night away, catching up for lost times and remembering their good ol’memories.