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Seth Has Grown Up So Fast

Our son just turns 3 years old yesterday and it’s been a long way since then. He has grown up so fast and before we know it, he will be going to school already. In fact, his dad is already preparing the required papers and documents for the coming school year this September and we hope that he will be accepted. And I am sure there will be lots of changes if he starts going to school by September

On the other hand, speaking of changes, we always hear from people and experts alike that children are the best imitators and they’re going to imitate what they have seen in their surroundings whether it is good or bad. So I am not sure if what he was doing in the picture below is if he have seen it from his father or it is simply him being grown up already. I have seen him several times already posing like that and in several occasions as well.

The photo was taken by his dad very recently and if I am not mistaken it was four days ago before he went to work while our son is so engrossed in his cartoon shows.