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Karaoke Singing in the Holidays

At last the holiday revelry is over and our sleeping time should be back again to normal. Although the partying with the kids and adults alike is fun but the preparation especially the foods is a bit tasking for us moms. Luckily there are a lot who don’t have work also days before the holiday. I still remember one of hubby’s friends, whom I later know, that he is fond of singing with karaoke and he almost don’t give up holding the magic sing microphone to others around.

I was having fun watching them in the living room and no longer the holiday celebration as some of them seems don’t like to pass around the microphone. The kids on the other hand, are also busy playing and bumping each other outside the house. They also have a great time dancing along with the ever popular gangnam style. And the adults also enjoyed watching while the kids are dancing and they also can’t resist not dancing along with them.