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Karaoke Capital of the World

The Philippines is probably the karaoke capital of the world as it is very evident with lots of karaoke hangouts that you can find in almost every junction. Although it was just an exaggeration to at least point out the disparity but somehow there’s some truth about it as well. Take a look in every house of Filipinos, whether in the Philippines or abroad, you’ll probably see a karaoke system at one corner in the living room. And that doesn’t exempt us, as I was able to persuade hubby and get our own karaoke system a couple of years back.

The only thing that’s keeping me from using it, aside from our very active school boy, is the bad microphone that goes along with the karaoke when we bought it and how I wish it is like the heil sound microphones with a very professional output. But that made me think also, that if the mic was that good then I wouldn’t have much time with our son either and I will just be chanting over and over. I won’t be alone though, as our son loved to sing as well even with only few recognizable words coming out of him. And he likes to do it holding with his own microphone, as if like a professional.