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The Antivirus Mogul is on the Run

The antivirus software founder John McAfee has been running from the authorities in Belize where he is wanted for questioning in connection with the murder of a Florida businessman. He fled to Guatemala with his girlfriend to seek asylum but was later arrested as he enters the country illegally and eventually rejected his asylum bid. Then he was hospitalized a day after he was arrested due to alleged heart attack but was released and sent back to detention center.

McAfee says he faked the heart attack in order to buy time so he won’t be deported back to Belize. After days in the immigration detention, John McAfee avoided extradition to Belize and was sent to the United States instead. Now that he is free, he said that he can now settle down and live a normal life for there is no hope for his life if ever he is returned to Belize.

Imagae from talkandroid.com.