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Warning – Infant Motrin Drops Recalled

I made a post a few days ago about a Greek yogurt that has been recalled and pulled out from store shelves because of contamination from the manufacturing plant. And now here comes another big known manufacturing company who issues recall of infant Motrin drops in the US. It is believe to be due to a potential contamination with plastic particles, the company has said. According to the news that the company is recalling about 200,000 bottles of concentrated Motrin drops for infants.

The company has specified that the half-ounce bottles of original berry flavored drops are the ones affected and is requesting all retailers to pull it off from their stores shelves. And if you happen to have one or two in your cupboard or anyone whom you know, kindly spread the word that it should be discarded as soon as possible before it can cause any kind of problem, if there is. The company also suggests that you contact them so they can issue refunds for the affected product that you bought.

The manufacturer of Motrin drops for infants made a statement that it has worked with their supplier to ensure corrective measures are in place and that this kind of situation won’t happen in the future. The company has also given some assurance that the consumption of the affected medicine is unlikely to cause adverse medical reactions even it was believed to have been contaminated with plastic particles.

And one last thing, be responsible enough in disposing any unwanted medicines and not just simply throwing them away in the dumpster. You are not only protecting your family but others too and that includes the environment as well.

Repost from hubby’s blog.