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Waiting for the Holiday Sale

It is at this time of the year that almost all prices of common commodities will drop down sharply as Muslims are observing the holy month of Ramadan. You will find lots of discounted prices almost every corner in the mall and almost shops in the souq are on sale. And when finances permits, I surely will visit the gold souq and hoping to find big discounts on jewelry since it is one of the best investments there is that you can rely on as precious metals don’t depreciate for a long time. Prices may go down at some point but for sure it will go back sooner or later just like the case of gold in the past month or so.

And what’s more worrying is the coming Eid holiday. It will be a week full of drop down prices including signature brands. This will be a big headache to some, not because of financial matters but on how and what to choose when you are bombarded with tons of well known products at a very low prices that you previously can’t afford or shouldn’t be minding since it will be lavish already. Yet, it’s hard not to be tempted for you seldom see this kind of prices at a much discounted rate that become so affordable for everyone to take advantage.