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Seth: The Best Imitator

Each day that passes by, I saw our son growing so fast and it was just like only yesterday that he was still crawling on his crib and now, he’s already running around the house. The only thing is that it poses so much risk on his safety as he easily can trip over and bumps on the wall or anything that’s something hard. So in order to keep him still in one place we bought him a table and a pair of chairs for him to start writing on his magnetic drawing board. And one day, I will not be surprised if he will ask for an iPad Mini.

Another thing that I observed from him is he imitates me when I applied perfume on myself so I bought him cologne for kids. It’s not a designer kind though for he don’t understand it yet as of the moment so it is better that way. But I guess the lacoste mens cologne might be suitable for my husband since he is not into perfumes with strong scents. In fact, he is not even using his perfume most of the time and would just rely on the scent of the lotion that he is using.

Image from wikimedia commons.