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A Better Investment Scheme

If you are going to read back my posts, you’ll notice that I have occupied myself with and became busy of my home improvement project. But somehow that has been put on-hold for quite some time now since I started investing in the stock market. I have to put more time with it to learn the basics of the stock market and most especially the way around it. And at the moment, things are doing fine with the stocks that I bought and maintained. It’s been more than a year now since I started buying and selling stocks and I am glad that the hard work has paid off already and I must admit that I cannot earn such percentage if we have left it in the bank.

Initially, I focused and monitored our stocks in a daily basis since I am still new and there are so many things that I must learn if we want to be successful with it. And with the big potential to succeed and have a better investment scheme than the bank, I encourage all Filipino not only the OFW’s to invest in the Philippine stock market so it remain stable and strong. Right now, the PSE index has broken and made history already and it is forever written in the books. More to it that the Philippine economy is showing good signs and in fact, a few lending companies have upgraded its credit rating. And one notable reason why the Philippine economy stays afloat is the undeniable support of the OFW’s through its continued remittance.

And I believe that if all Filipinos are investing in the Philippines then our economy will become stronger as we don’t have to rely more from foreign investors. Although I am not pretty sure on that statement and it was only my calculated opinion yet it could be true. So start looking for your online broker while the market is still hot and growing.