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Toddlers are Good at Interior Paintings

It is so easy to catch and know whether there’s a toddler living in the house. It is not just being about being labeled as the terrible twos (pointing to the age of toddlers when they start their tantrums), it is also the time when they want to write or color something, not only on papers and books but also on the walls as well. They can be good at interior paintings, I presume.

In fact, it is well noted already and is very much evident on the walls in our bedroom, near the door in the kitchen, close to the TV in our living room, on the side of the window and the walls along the stairs. The sad thing is that, it is so hard to remove it and if ever you successfully remove them, it won’t take that long for you see another interior paintings designed by toddlers. I guess we just have to be patient and should wait a little more while after he goes to school before we start the cleaning up of the entire walls in the house.

I am just hoping that when our son turns three in five months, we can be able to control his behavior already as he only listen, most of the time, to his father. But there are many times that we have to repetitively berate him as he won’t listen and if he does, he will do it again after several minutes. He really is at the stage of terrible twos.