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When It Rain, It Pours

I read in a newspaper two years back about the four school girls from Malhiao Elementary School in Badian, Cebu, Philippines who returned a cash worth 50K pesos found at the back of their school. Instead of keeping it to them, knowing that it’s a hell lot of money to spend considering the laid back lifestyle of the area, they handed it over to a teacher and was then turned over to a local police.

Because of their honesty, the provincial government commended their action and the young girls have been given a reward for such a noble action. Each of them received a plaque of commendation, 10K pesos, a sack of rice, noodles and school supplies.

And because of the good deeds they have displayed and in order to set a good example for others to follow, they each received more rewards. This time a plaque of honesty, 3K pesos and the best that everyone dreamed of, a college scholarship in Metro Cebu.