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The Benefits of Using Window Blinds

Although decorating a home can be an enjoyable task, it can also be hard and challenging. With so many style ideas available for home owners to choose from, selecting whether to use window blinds or curtains may even prove difficult. Knowing what looks best on your home will make the decision easier. Window treatments can greatly change the look of your home. While curtains are more commonly used, many homeowners are starting to lean towards blinds.

There are certainly more style choices if you use blinds because they can match any interior decorating look whether it is modern, traditional, or eclectic. Nowadays, many types of blinds are readily available for homes. When it comes to functionality, they are more versatile in that it enables you to regulate the amount of sunlight that enters the room. Furthermore, it allows for more privacy options. The process of cleaning blinds is easy and simple. Weekly cleaning with a feather duster or synthetic duster is all that is needed to remove dust and debris from the slats.

Another reason why people are switching to blinds is because it is less of a fire hazard. Since curtains are made of flammable material, fire can easily spread. Probably the most important advantage of blinds over curtains is that they are more affordable. Even the sophisticated types are less expensive than curtains. Plus, they are more readily available at many home improvement stores as well as department stores. Lastly, using blinds can help make a small room look bigger or a lot more spacious.

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Reminiscing About Another Home Improvement

I’ve been mentioning the postponement of my DIY home improvements in several of my posts and the reason why it has to be done. Time is just simply not in my side at the moment with so many things to face and attend with especially with our new school boy. Who on the other side received a special award from school for “great counting” during their Math week.

That on the other hand had just gave me an idea on what to do next with a simple and yet another DIY home décor in the house if I am going to continue with improving the aesthetics in the house. It is only easy to display his awards on the wall and I think I will only be needing glue gun instead and not the victor torch type of welding to stick it on the wall. And for the meantime while at the moment that everything is coming together at the same time, the photo on the left is what I can only come out on what to do with our son’s special award.

I surely will have ideas coming out in the coming days on what to do with it or perhaps in the coming school break that they will have. And by December, it will be more favorable in my side since they will have a long break for the coming Yuletide holiday season. I will be updating this blog for that matter and hopefully I will come up or have some to show but for now the above photo is the only piece that I can offer you.

Holding Off The Home Improvements

Even before our son starts going to school, my DIY home improvements starts slowing down as I found a new hobby that kept me busy all day. And for some reason, I am also glad that our son went to school already not only he will learn to interact with other kids of his age, I will have a quite time also in the house without him running around. And at least even for just four hours, I can now concentrate in our online store business and the glowing Philippine economy keeps me watching my stocks closely.

Anyway, there were times that I wanted to restart the interior home improvements as there are some fixtures that need to be fixed because sometimes it will take long for the contractors to come to the house and do something. Especially right now that it is no longer hard to find solutions or any DIY ideas that will help you in enhancing the aura of your house because the internet is readily available at your own convenience. In fact, if you look over closely at this site, you’ll find knobs and hand wheels that might help you in making your projects a lot easier.

The only thing that I can tell you is that, when you choose a product or something to help you out in whatever your DIY projects or in self fixing some things in the house, make sure that you get a heavy duty and of quality merchandise. Durability should be your top priority no matter the cost but it doesn’t mean you have to break your bank account in order to get one. What I meant is that, paying a little more will give you an advantage in the long run rather than settling with a lost cost product that would not last for long.

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A Classic Contemporary Home

I could still remember the stories that hubby told me about his dad, of how he got sick while he was constructing the interiors of their ancestral house. It was built in the early 80ish and have undergone so many renovation and face lift since, from outside to inside including the fulfillment of having an underground room. And as the make over continues and seems no stopping at all, it now looks like a cocktail of classic contemporary home. But I should say that the home improvement process doesn’t happen overnight. It took years of meticulous and detailed handicraft and skillful carpentry.

Hubby’s dad had just an exceptional skills and talent on this kind of trade for it won’t take long for him to build or make his own artwork by just simply looking at the masterpiece. But I got a hintch that he might be working in ovis with the type of woodworking artistry that he have. It’s just simply amazing to know my father-in-law with such class of craftsmanship and I’m crossing my fingers that our vacation will push through so we can attend his 70th birthday next month. It would be great to see what’s new in the ancestral house.

Home Projects Delayed and Postponed

My DIY home improvement projects and plans were put on hold and slowed down when our son turns two years old. And it is indeed true to its name when they are given the title of “terrible two”. It seems that he don’t know how to walk because he keeps on running in the house from the time he wakes up in the morning. He only stops running when he is sitting or when asleep, which is not the case all the time. And that disrupt my daily chores in the house including the home decors that I want to make.

This is one of the reasons why we bought him a low cost tablet, so I can finish my routine tasks in the house without much delay. But don’t get me wrong about this idea because we strongly and don’t allow him to play with it for a long period for we know that in the long run it will affect his vision. If you don’t see him holding the tablet, you’ll see him in front of the TV watching his favorite cartoons and educational movies.

So at the moment, all the planned home decors and improvements are postponed until he starts to behave and listen to me. That is because he will stop with his tantrums when hubby is the one calling his attention.