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Beautiful Pieces of Art Built with Welding

Art is probably not the first image that comes to mind at the mention of welding, but it is very possible to create beautiful pieces from this often-underappreciated method. Artists from all around the world have incorporated metal into their work, with most simply using scrap metal available at low or no cost! If you are an aspiring artist or just looking for a new creative avenue, welded sculptureand art might be for you! Read on for some great inspiration.

We wouldn’t be surprised if this article inspires you to create some artworks with welding yourself. If you want to flex your creative muscles and would like to get your own equipment, try an online specialist such as WIA – check them out at www.welding.com.au for more details. Welding does mean exposure to extremely high temperatures, so make sure you have done all your research and are following safety instructions at all times. Good luck and happy creating!


Many sculptures have been created and built through welding and these can range from small figurines to absolutely huge masterpieces. These sculptures are usually made with a combination of different metals, and as a result, retain an extremely steam-punk look. If you are just experimenting with welding, you may want to start off with something on a smaller scale – maybe something you can fit in your living room.


You don’t have to make magnificent sculptures to create fantastic art using welding. Metal rods can be bent and melded into many fantastic shapes, and you can make a great number of pieces out of these if you only use your imagination! Vine-like pieces are extremely common and classy, and can be made into jewellery displays, or even artistic and unique photo frames.

Home Decorations

If you need some new art to decorate your home, you might want to consider some welded art. Horseshoes have been cleverly welded to create a piece of art that is not only beautiful, but can also hold tealights. Thin steel wire can be manipulated to make intricate patterns that wouldn’t look out of place on your walls at home. The possibilities are truly endless!


You might not consider furniture to be art, but you might change your mind once you see the pieces that have been created from welding. Old wrenches have been turned into a beautiful bench, and discarded coins have been used to create a unique-looking chair. Futuristic couches made from two sheets of metal and tabletops constructed from old pieces of scrap metal have also been created – you really won’t need to look very far for inspiration if you want to make some furniture of your own.

Are you an artist? Have you ever used welding in your pieces before? How did they turn out and do you have any advice for others seeking to do something similar? Are you a welder? Would you consider attempting to create something artistic from welding? Leave your thoughts and tidbits of advice below.

Home Projects Delayed and Postponed

My DIY home improvement projects and plans were put on hold and slowed down when our son turns two years old. And it is indeed true to its name when they are given the title of “terrible two”. It seems that he don’t know how to walk because he keeps on running in the house from the time he wakes up in the morning. He only stops running when he is sitting or when asleep, which is not the case all the time. And that disrupt my daily chores in the house including the home decors that I want to make.

This is one of the reasons why we bought him a low cost tablet, so I can finish my routine tasks in the house without much delay. But don’t get me wrong about this idea because we strongly and don’t allow him to play with it for a long period for we know that in the long run it will affect his vision. If you don’t see him holding the tablet, you’ll see him in front of the TV watching his favorite cartoons and educational movies.

So at the moment, all the planned home decors and improvements are postponed until he starts to behave and listen to me. That is because he will stop with his tantrums when hubby is the one calling his attention.

Planting New Plants Again

The weather in the past two days has been very bad for the health and safety of the motorist alike. There have been sand storms and hubby’s car is also collecting dusts in the open garage and it covers almost the entire hood of the vehicle. But at least it wasn’t that bad anymore late this afternoon and so the cleaning up starts. Moving the sand that accumulates near the doorstep and in the garage is always a big headache in the aftermath. It does not only cover the passageway but also on top of the soil of the plants which sometimes causes them to die.

So it was only almost four in the afternoon that I started planting new plants in the pot that I got from a neighbor who decided to give it away. The time wasn’t enough and there are still some that needs to be planted in the front yard but I am still waiting for hubby to prepare the soil before I could start. Somehow in the next day or two it will be finished and at last there will be replacement from the bitter melon that I uprooted several weeks ago because it wasn’t growing well because of the caterpillars from the nearby moringa.

Flower Decoration

I must admit that the modern world, especially the internet, has been a big help for stay at home moms. Not just it gives you other means in helping in the family’s finances but it also provides enormous choices of home decor ideas. In fact, the concepts that I have in redecorating our walls, all came from the world wide web. The vast amount of ideas that you can find in the internet is just huge and endless. What I like most is the never ending flow of concepts from selfless individuals that contributed to the growing amount of DIY picture.

For now, I have done more enhancements to the entire house already and not just in our walls but also in the arrangement of foods inside our refrigerator. I was able to segregate it well and giving more spaces in the freezer. And the funny thing was, I started all these home improvement thing with only a small stuff using paper towels in making different colors of flower. The next thing I know, I started buying more for my DIY projects and all of them came from the internet. I also recycled bottles, tin can (big and small) and cardboard boxes for this project of mine. I even use the old rubber floor mat of our son as wall décor.

Majestic Ancestral House

A close friend just told me that they recently visited an old friend who lives in the suburbs of northern Cebu. It took them about 2 hours and a half to get there instead of only one and a half due to the rehabilitation of some roads. When they reached the town, an array of majestic ancestral houses that lined the streets of the north side by side with the century old rain trees shadowing over and across the narrow path, greeted us. Another turn and they’re in his friend’s humble abode which was constructed last 2009 in his 1000 square meter property.

He said that it stood on a rocky terrain that made it more stable and standing tall at 2 levels with an attic. Its walls are painted in white hallelujah and have laminate flooring that reflects light from the high ceilings which adds to the wide feel of the living space. Decorative planters were distributed around the receiving area going towards the family room. Antique furniture is a common sight since his friend’s folks are collectors of sorts

 Although some rooms are suited up for a modern look, it still emanates the sense of ease and comfort. And the kids really had a great sleep-over as well as the adult too. He said that it was indeed an awesome experience to be in the ancestral house as they chat the night away, catching up for lost times and remembering their good ol’memories.