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The History of Today’s Chair

I have posted in my health and medical blog something about the growing incidence of back pain in the modern society that wreaks havoc that significantly interfere the quality of life. And the one thing that causes it is the prolong periods of staying in sitting position whether while at work or in job that would let you stay on chairs for longer period. And I want to share some facts to you with regards to the evolution of chairs dated way back 2 BC and the innovation it has endured to the modern office chair since then.

The infographic below shows the history of today’s chair.


And because of the growing incidence of back pain and its debilitating effects in our daily life, many have created chair designs that could easily and appropriately adjusted to provide comfort and prevent potential hazards. In fact, the US Occupational Safety & Health Administration has provided regulations to follow to have ergonomic solutions for a safer workplace. While at the same time preventing possible lawsuits, when it comes to occupational safety and work related injuries.

So choosing the right ergonomic chair is essential for your health and safety to have a productive work while avoiding occupational injuries. In fact, the infographic above has shown some safety features already with the use of cushions and pads lessen the effect of the hardness of the wooden chair in our butts. And it just shows that ergonomics came from Medieval times yet. But of course, let’s not forget that this is not just about the chair itself but also our sitting postures. You can easily search online for quick tips about sitting postures and solutions to avoid any injuries.