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Don’t Mix Natural Health Supplements With Medicines

Taking natural health supplements is one good thing that happened as an alternative medicine. And it is interesting to learn that just because it’s natural we believe there’s no side effect if we take it. But before you take those natural pills take into consideration and ask your doctor if it is safe when mix with other medicines.

You must be careful if you are taking antidepressants, blood thinners and diuretics. You must skip taking those natural health supplements if you are also taking any of the mentioned type of medicines. It is not safe to mix them and there are just some supplements that don’t go together with those medicines and far more dangerous when combined.

And if you are a coffee addict, make sure also that you are not taking any supplements that contains Ephedrine for this two when combined and taken together are more dangerous than Ephedra itself. The combination of the two may cause heart attack, stroke and even death. And the worse thing is both can be found in weight loss pills.

This is a repost from hubby’s blog.