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Not Your Ordinary Mask

It is still fresh in my memory the first time I heard about the swine flu or the A-H1N1 that became or should I say was declared pandemic by authorities as it quickly spread around the globe. I cannot forget it since it was also the time that I left the Philippines to be with my husband and my foremost concern is that I am pregnant when I travel at that time. It was kinda scary to see people around you with masks on their face and the thermal scans at the airport.

It was also the first time that I noticed the different types of masks that people are wearing. And it was later the following month that hubby told me about the n95 masks which they use in the ER if they have a suspected patient that have the symptoms of swine flu. It wasn’t an ordinary mask at all as it can filter minute particles in the air before you can inhale them when you are close to people. And it has a better protection not only for swine flu but also the deadly SARS virus as well.