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More Encouraging Words from School

It has been two months now since our son started schooling and we are glad that he is enjoying his nursery days. His teacher also has confirmed it in his school diary that our son has made so much progress since then. It is nice to know that there’s such a big improvement when he interact with other kids of his age although I still struggled in getting him to eat every morning before going to school. In fact, and most of the time, it will take more than 30 minutes just for him to take in several spoonfuls.

His school activities somehow will make our day as we received more encouraging words from his teacher every now and then. He learned a lot of counting songs already although they aren’t taught yet of musical instruments but I think the mel bay instruction book could somehow be a valuable study material for guitar beginners. It has been said that it is the most comprehensive approach to contemporary guitar mastery from beginner guitarist to advanced method and could take a big leap in your guitar skills.