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Seth: First Time to Say Pa-pa

We are scheduled to buy our groceries today. We usually do this every after two weeks at Doha City, which is more than 30 kilometers away from our place. At around 3 o clock in the afternoon, we off to Doha. We always bring Seth with us wherever we go and as usual, he is placed in his car seat situated at the backseat of our car.
I also sat at the back beside him to entertain him and to attend his needs. Seth was in his good mood, along the way, he talked and talked. He uttered words such as aba-ba-ba or ma-ma-ma and for the first time, words such as pa-pa-pa, and pa-pa-ma.

My husband and I were so amused of what my baby is saying. I grabbed my cam and started to record it with a smile on my lips.

Seth: The Seven Months Old Baby

Seeing my baby growing up everyday, is wonderful and a fulfilling one. My little boy, who is very playful, is now seven months old. At this month, my baby :
started to walk with his walker
able to stand holding on to something,

started to object if i try to take away the toy or something he held in, able to pick up tiny object by his thumb and fingers, and able to say ma-ma-ma, ba-ba-ba and aw-aw-aw.

Actually, his first word when he was two months old was ahh-goo and he started saying ma-ma-ma when he was around six months old.

Seth and His Walker

I was a little bit hesitant on putting Seth in his walker because of some articles I have read online that a child is more prone to injury when using a walker. But yesterday I was so upset,  I couldn’t do anything. Seth always wanted to be carried. He keeps on shouting and crying in his crib when he didn’t see me. Mt husband was on a morning shift and I haven’t yet prepared food for breakfast. I was so hungry and started to run out of patience that even going to bathroom was hard for me to do.  I spotted Seth’s walker on the corner of our dining area and the idea of putting him in his walker came in my mind.
My baby was a little bit afraid at first and so I was. I observed him for a few minutes to make sure that he will be alright with his new stuff.

I was amused looking at him trying to move his walker because instead of moving forward, his steps were moving backward. After a few minutes of riding, he started to cry again so I decided to carry him.

I brought him in the kitchen and tried to put him again in his walker. Thanks God, at last I was able to fill my stomach while my baby was enjoying his new stuff. (Maybe he realized that he can roam around by himself and can grab anything he can see.) ( :

Seth Celebrates His 7-Month at TGIFs

Seth is turning 7 months old today. I decided to celebrate his big day outside for a change. We off to Doha at around 4 ‘o clock in the afternoon. I was craving for a barbecue that time so we chose TGI Friday’s.
I ordered a combination of chicken, beef and shrimp for me and a beef barbecue for my husband.

Since it was his big day, we let Seth tasted the food. But it seems he wasn’t contented just by tasting, he wanted more. He started to shout to get our attention. Many customers and passersby were amused of how big his voice was. We gave him rice to stop him from shouting.

We went home after eating and dropped by at Patisserie Suisse to buy Seth’s little cake.