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The Effects of Greenhouse Gases

Hubby was watching National Geographic on cable when I happen to glance and be glued on what he was seriously watching into. It was all about the growing distractions of natural disasters like tornados, hurricane and typhoons. Just like the recent super typhoon Haiyan that hit and left a devastating carnage in central Philippines. And according to experts, these are due to the increasing temperature in the atmosphere that causes global warming.

And an ordinary person can help decrease the greenhouse gases by starting to be less dependent on fossil fuels. Although I’m sure that it cannot be thoroughly eliminated, at least for now, yet we can minimize the impact when we are consuming electricity by using an environment friendly lighting systems and fixtures in the house. And while I was browsing the internet, I came across a european lighting website and they have wide selections of classy and elegantly design indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. What’s more interesting is the way they incorporate LED lights and Eco halogen lamps in their designs.

This will not only help you in your monthly expenses but you are also contributing in decreasing the impact and the effects of the greenhouse gases in our environment.

The Effects of What We Take for Granted

The video below is about an island in the middle of the ocean and it’s more than 2000 miles away from the nearest island. The name is Midway Island, home to many and different kinds of birds. At least that’s what the description from which I saw the video shared at “Why Don’t You Try This?” You cannot believe the consequences of the small things that we’ve done and its effects to the birds. And I am hoping that by sharing this video, would change our perspective in life and take a step forward, not just for the birds but also in the increasing global warming. After you’ve watch the video, don’t forget to share so everyone would know the effects of what we take for granted.