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Fashionable Gemstone Bracelets

According to Wikipedia, fashion is a general term for a popular style or practice especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, make-up or furniture. It could also be referred as the style characteristic of the social elite. A person is believed to be fashionable if he or she is able to blend in well with the latest trend and carry it gracefully. In this manner, the character that they display is noticed and given its due attention and eventually imitated by, thus they are setting a fashion or trend-setting as they call it.

Fashions accessories help attain a complete get-up of a fashion icon. It complements the clothes, the shoes or the hair and make-up. Some accessories like gemstone bracelets and sassy belts emphasize the slender arms and slim waistline of the models that most women dream of having. Skinny jeans and vertical striped tops also make an illusion of being slim as opposed to large horizontal lines which is actually  better worn by skinny people who wants to create a wide look.

Well, fashion may come and go, old styles return with a little modification and next thing you know it, it’s the “in” thing again while it was just taken from old fashion files that was once dead and now it’s alive again.