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Going Out With a Handyman

I bumped into a familiar face in a hardware store yesterday. He was my classmate back in grade school and he was there looking for good floor tiles for his new home. He told me that he is almost done with the project (that is if you consider 50% as almost done).

We went around the store to look for the right tiles and some things that he might need for the project. He is also a handy man that’s why we made more stop and look than any other customers there. He bought some new tools, supplies to fix leaky faucet in the garden, extra rubber gaskets, sump pump for the drain and some garden décor like solar powered garden lamps and resin cast dwarves. I had so much fun going around since I am also a handyman myself.

I have a wall of tools back home, from gardening to carpentry, plumbing to masonry, and basic electronics to arts and crafts. Every time I visit a mall or my wife goes shopping, I always make it sure that the mall has a hardware department where I can also go around window shopping. This is one tip I can give to newlyweds to avoid getting bored tagging along with your wife at the make-up section or the lingerie department.