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Going to the Food Festival

After going to the church last Friday, we are planning of attending the food festival. I am so excited already for it will be my first to attend such festival and I heard that the foods are so cheap. But then the excitement turns so quickly into exasperation when we learned that the festival was postponed in the later week of the month. So we decided to just go on with our food trip and visited a Turkish restaurant and I still left with full tummy since I loved their foods and there are a number of us this time around.

After the eating barrage, I decided to go shopping with one of the wife of my husband’s colleague and I end up buying some perfumes and aftershave cologne. I have decided to go to the mall since we are planning of going on vacation, so at least I can add something to the presents that we already bought. On the other hand, I just hope that the vacation plan will push thru and if that’s the case then I will leave earlier with our son then hubby will just follow on May. The plan was to stay a month in my place then the next at hubby’s parents as it will be his father’s birthday also.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.