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The Virus Has Run Its Course

I mentioned in my previous post regarding our son who is sick again with flu like symptoms and so I just want to update everyone that he is fine right now. Probably it was just caused by the constant change in the temperature of his environment. If I remember it right, that week we experienced a very hot temperature that reached up to 45 degrees then that was also the time when we have to go out for our household errands and my job interview. So it must be caused by the sudden and constant change of temperature from cold to hot environment.

And if you don’t know, our son is always confined inside the house because his eczema will flare up if he will be exposed for a long time in either hot or cold environment. He can only play outside the house when the sun is not that hot anymore. Anyway, I am just happy that he is no longer sick and that he can sleep well at night without a clogged nose already. Perhaps, the virus had just run through its course although we tried to let him drink some lemon juice from time to time. And I am also glad that it was gone without even seeing a doctor but we keep an eye on him and hydrate him more than the usual. That also helps in keeping his nose from clogging and liquefies the excess mucus in his nose so he can at least breathe normally.