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Our Son’s First Month in Nursery School

Time came by so fast and our son just completed his first month of nursery school and because of the Eid holiday, he will enjoy a week long vacation. So he will be back to his old sleeping and waking up habit. For sure we won’t be forcing him to wake up at 30 minutes past six. We’ll just have to give him more time while he don’t have a class because when it resumes, they will have a 4-hour full schedule already. And hubby doesn’t have to worry of his work schedule since we don’t have any problems with him riding in the school bus. We are also glad that someone is watching and guiding them while in the bus.

On the other hand, reports from his teacher shows that he has been enjoying his time in school and that week by week, he has shown some improvements in his behavior and attitude. He now knows how to say “please” when he ask for something then would reply “thank you” and will say “you’re welcome” when you said thank you to him. It is indeed a very heart warming to us and hoping that he will continue doing so though he still needs more follow-up because there were several times that he won’t listen to me and so does in the school.

And all of these great changes in his behavior didn’t just come without any handicap though. Because on his third week in school, he came home with a report from his teacher that he was throwing sand to his classmate during their playtime outside the classroom. It is truly unpleasant to learn and we are just hoping that it won’t happen again. We talked to him about it, that what he did is not right and he should not do it again. So far, it is the first displeasing incident that happened and we are hoping that when they return to school next week, nothing like this will take place again.