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Money Back With Every Purchase

In times like now where financial stability is shaky, you just don’t have to keep your expenses to the least and as much as possible avoid spending in not so necessary things and on the wants. So you have to be vigilant on your spending matters though not to the extent of jeopardizing your family’s daily needs. And if there’s the possibility that you still can save then it will be good for the future and it is always great to know when you get something back in your purchases.

Anyway, it has been almost a month now since I came to know about a company where you get something in return when you buy something. Yes you heard it right, you literally earn a “cash back” when you buy your groceries, gas-up your car, purchase your vacation tickets, dine outside with friends and family, pacify your kids with his favorite toys and from time to time give yourself a reward for the hard work that you have done in the house taking care of kids and the household chores. And the opportunity to get more rewards is not only limited from there, in fact, it will make you crazy when you learn that your opportunity is limitless.

LyonessOne good thing about it is that, you can use your membership to purchase almost anything in other countries and there are member merchants in there. And the best thing is that, you can join and become a member for FREE and since it is new in some countries so you will earn more the benefits when it booms as members are growing rapidly each day. So if you want to become a member of Lyoness or just simply want to know more about it then let me know by leaving a comment here.

NB: This is not a paid post from Lyoness. Erased data are intentional for privacy reason.

Planning for the Future

Financial stability is still one of the many sensitive issues when you talk of economic crisis knowing that there are still a lot of countries experiencing economic difficulties. And I believe many household are still struggling to hold on with their finances in monthly or daily basis. This reminded me that it was only very recently that hubby started planning where he can generate an income when he retires. Although he had re-started his retirement plan contribution from a certain investment company and it will be running one year at the end of the month.

I just wished that this time he will not stop it just like what he did previously and hoping that he will increase his premium as it really would help us in the coming years. Then I just hope that the company will allow making some changes in his annuity contract and I will also try to get the facts here when we have the chance to go back in the Philippines for a vacation. Perhaps it could be next month or in May if hubby’s schedule will allow us to do so as it will become their family reunion while at the same time the birthday of his dad. Right now, I am already excited for it to materialize so we can purchase our tickets early and at least buy a cheaper ticket.

The Global Financial Crisis

The global financial crisis has shaken up many countries and some are still even trying to recover. And it has affected many homeowners as they are forced to relocate to areas with affordable mortgage while the prices of household commodities continue to go up. So living in a big or extended family is sometimes challenging for you have to find ways how to balance your finances with the growing monthly expenses.

In fact, many are now living from paycheck to paycheck because utility bills have increased as well especially in this cold winter season and the holiday is around the corner. And even how tight the budget may be yet people are still looking and buying gifts for their loved ones but I’m sure they are cutting some of their expenses just to accommodate their daily needs. Some just don’t have any choice at all but to foreclose their houses as mortgages increase and service rise. For sure many can relate in this situation and even the well-off families are affected and feeling the pressure as well.

Image from wikimedia commons.

The Economic Uncertainties

When you talk about Asia, more often than not, Japan always comes to mind and this may be due to its overwhelming power in the industrial realm as well as the economic growth over the years on top of the other countries. Japan’s economy was the first to become industrialized while the rising Asian tigers -Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and later on China merely followed in its tracks.

But now after some natural disaster and its after effect, Japan is now steadily overtaken. Due to this, some large companies in Asia do not want to take risk and that is the reason why there is a sudden growth of inquiries for insurance quotes and services from reliable financial companies. One good thing about it is that they can now avail of it fast and easy thru the internet and other form of electronic media.

The present standing of these powerful Asian countries in terms of financial stability may change over the years or less and this depends on the leaders who always look for the progress of one’s country and not for self-gratuity. But that alone is quite a long shot either and it is still difficult to entrust everything to the politicians for we don’t know when their minds would change and that happens all the time.