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Diversify Your Investment

I have mentioned it in my previous post that we finally are able to free ourselves recently with the financial burden that we have had in our housing mortgage. And now we have the opportunity to start scouting for properties especially the foreclosed one for our future investments because you can get them at a low and reasonable price that is not devalued. So if you are searching for exceptional real estate location then www.sunnyislesmiamirealestate.com is probably what you are looking at a very competitive scale.

Investing in the real estate is one of the best savings you may have as it doesn’t depreciate, instead it produce even a greater return in the future especially when it is located in prime areas. And I believe that real estate is also a decent option in trying to diversify your investment strategy since you aren’t going to lose anything. There is no other way but up, more so when it is in the premier locations or within the nearby vicinity. You will be bale to command your price particularly when you are going to have several competitors challenging for it.

Taking Care of the Future

I would say that the common aspect that’s in the mind of most people overseas is to have their own business in their country that could support their day to day life so they don’t have to sacrifice working far away from their family and loved ones. And that is also one of the main topics that hubby and I are discussing from time to time so we don’t have to rely more of his paycheck and that we have a source of income that we can depend on.

This is so true to one of my friend here, which is the wife of hubby’s colleague and that they already have started a family business. They are catering to rent plastic chairs and wooden tables to anyone who would want to use them for their individual events, programs or gatherings. The name of their business is “chair @ table” and so far the trend of their initial investment is still moving up as days pass by. And at the moment, they are adding some supplies to cover the growing demand of covered tables with a specific color. So they are busy canvassing for stretch table covers that have high qualities and of course not that expensive as well so it won’t hurt their pockets as well.

NB: Image from “chair @ table”.

Invest Your Money Wisely

Although the economy of some countries starts to stabilize and on the way to recovery yet there are still others struggling to bounce back. And it is undeniable that those countries whose economy was badly shaken up could still affect the others and it is still advisable (although I am not a financial expert) to invest your hard earned money wisely.

At first, our target is to buy gold dollar coins as our investment scheme or plan considering the quick upward trend of gold prices in the market. But then we still have to dispose this valuable metal if in case we want to back home for good. So we thought of other alternatives and I always heard people talking about the stock market. Then I started my own study and research on how to start and the way around it.

And it has been several months now that we started investing in stock market and even it was only a small amount investment but we are able to see already the difference and the growth of what we have invested. And I would say that you cannot get this kind of gain if you just put your money in the bank even if it is time deposit. The only thing with stock market is that you must not be greedy and when you already achieved your target goal then you know what to do with it.

The Hardship of Modern Life

One of the most common concerns around the world today that needs to be addressed is unemployment. Every year, thousands and thousands of students finished their studies in their respective fields yet end up being idle and if not, they end up working in industries that are not related to their profession just to have a job to sustain their daily living. Some government are not doing anything much about this, they could have built more establishments to generate more jobs or offer livelihood programs to the community.

One could only imagine the complexities of investment that makes it wise to seek advice from financial advisors or inquire for government programs on entrepreneurship. This is also another way of addressing this concern. They may open up their own enterprise in electronics, human resources, food industry, transportation, advertising and other business areas that they are well equipped in terms of skills and knowledge in handling the respective business. They could also invest in insurance policies that offer savings accounts but even that is still a rough road ahead considering the hardship in sustaining the daily expenses that most of the time are living from paycheck to paycheck.

On the other hand, it’s not about what you know that will give you assurance to land a decent job but it is also about “whom” you know that keeps you ahead from the rest.