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Another Horrific Day for First Responders

The latest tragedy that happened in West Texas in just a few days after the Boston Marathon bombing was horrific although it was a separate event yet many are still recovering from the horrific explosion in Boston. And at the moment there are already 13 confirmed dead in the fertilizer plant explosion, much bigger than the three fatalities in Boston explosion. And I am pretty sure that there are so many who are distraught of the situation as there are still so many unaccounted individuals and perhaps the number of death could still grow as the search and recovery are still ongoing.

And I am also even affected of the West Texas explosion when I learned that most of those who have died are firefighters and emergency medical technicians who where the first on the scene of the fertilizer plant explosion. That is a real big concern to me knowing the simple fact that my husband is working in the EMS and for sure they will become one of the first responder when such incident will happen here in our area. God forbid. There were five firefighters and four EMT’s who died during the explosion. Authorities are still investigating as to what’s the cause of the explosion.

NB: Image from firecritic.com.