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Upgrading the Fiber Optic System

It was early this month when our internet service provider came to the house to upgrade the system that was already a fiber optic. In general, it went smoothly as they have replaced everything including the TV receiver and more to it, is the installation of the new wireless router. All of it at no cost and no additional monthly expenses to shoulder.

Although there was a little glitch and was never resolve as the technician wasn’t able to successfully reconnect our laptop wirelessly. But the good thing is that I can now use my Galaxy II to connect in the internet, which I haven’t done in the previous one.

The following day, hubby was able to fix it and we are able to use the wireless connection of the laptop although it was very slow. My husband would say that it would take ages before it can open a single webpage yet it is quite fast when it is wired. The funny thing that hubby learned why the technician wasn’t able to connect it is that, he did not install the CD for the new router. That was really hilarious why it did not come across his mind knowing that he is a trained technician.

This just reminded me to tell hubby of calling the company so it can be reported that our wireless connection is very slow so we can watch movies again in a louder speaker.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.