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Our Small Business in the Clothing Industry

You have known it already that I have been busy lately in setting up our small business in the clothing industry. And it was still too early to tell if this new investment venture will move up and progress since we only have several customers yet, although the day to day transactions are promising. The same with other businesses there’s always a risk involve and unforeseen circumstances may arise and that’s just what happened several weeks back. And it is also the same reason why we have to change our online presence from “dress your style with Leticia’s” to Esmacus Collections or EMC collections for short.

At the same time, we also have to find and redesign a new logo for our business and the one that you’ve seen above is now the official logo for Esmacus Collections. We also have to change our FB Fanpage for you to be updated with our latest collections so you can take advantage also with the new arrivals. For now, you can only send us your messages at our FB Fanpage for any questions and inquiry that needs to be addressed immediately including your orders while we are still in the process of making our own website or online store. We will keep you updated once it is up and running and functional.

So far, I enjoyed what I’ve been doing while our son still at home and I am not sure in the coming month when I have to joggle it with the preparations for our son as he starts to go to school in the coming school year.

Protecting Your Eyes from the Sun

In the place that we are in right now, sunglasses is not just a fashion anymore but a necessity. It is not only because of the long summer days but also for the scorching heat of the sun that it is difficult to open your eyes. Many experts also believe that long exposure to the rays of the sun that could reach 40 degrees Celsius can potentially harm your eyes in the long run. And whatever kind or style of sunglasses you would want to have or even perhaps the classic and stylish metal ray ban 3293 aviator frames, it won’t matter much when you are talking of eye protections.

What is more important when you plan of getting one is that it has the proper and appropriate UV rays protection and that brand is not an issue although at some point, established names would also matter when it comes to reliability of the materials being used. So in that case, I would leave it up to you of what style of frame you would like to have and the kind of glasses you want to be fitted as long as the right protection is there to safeguard your eyes. And that it suits your needs and you can wear it comfortably.

Fashion Design and Style

The only thing permanent in this world is change, or so they say and that is very true in the world of fashion. Design and styles may come and go, and comes back with a new twist, a few modifications here and there, a new taste and it becomes a distinct design. Business outfits generally comes with a formal coat and tie for men and formal executive coat over a plain light colored blouse for women. Employees can be recognized by their business apparel. Company apparel should be appropriate for employees, either in fabric, color or patterns. As far as corporate attire is concerned, not just the clothes, but shoes also form an essential part of your overall outlook.

Fashion changes as the season changes. The evolution of style is not only affecting the corporate arena but also in other areas like school uniforms, jumpsuits, scrub suits or even pajamas for kids like the one you see in pajama parties. There are pajamas with ruffles, laced with ribbons, cartoon character prints and sometimes colorful beads or they may call it bejeweled. It all depends on the child’s preference. Most kids don’t really mind the design as long as it is just appropriate for their gender and comfort in terms of the material used for this garment.