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The Hardheaded Toddler

It’s been almost three months now since our son started schooling and so far he is enjoying his time at school as it was reflected on the comments of his teacher in his school diary. And there have been also improvements in his behavior as he learns to say “please”, “thank you” and “you’re welcome”. Although it is still very hard to keep him still in one place, in fact, his teacher even said that our son don’t seems to know how to walk as he is always running in the classroom. And the only thing that really needs a change is his being a hard headed toddler.

Until now, I still have to repeatedly tell him what I want him to do before he will follow my instructions. That is the aspect in his attitude that needs some drastic improvement since it’s been causing me some stress already especially during meal time. He is just a very stubborn child and very hard to handle and that he won’t listen to me to the point that I have to raise my voice before he will comply and follow what I wanted. In fact, there have been several times already that I am so irritated of him that I am no longer raising my voice but yell on him instead.

The Long and Arduous Proceedings

Every time people talk about divorce, it always reminds of the number of countries that don’t have any. And it is so easy to remember which among the 206 sovereign states who don’t have a procedure for divorce law because there are only two, the Philippines and the Vatican City. The two nations are predominantly Roman Catholic citizens and there’s no way you can bend its territorial laws when it comes to divorce yet the Philippines allows annulment of marriages. So complications may arise to find for legal solutions if you marry a Filipino yet there are committed divorce lawyer Plano who knows what needs to be done.

The process of the annulment is not just an expensive one for a typical Filipino but also a long and arduous proceeding. Although there are firms who can find solutions like the Denton family law attorney who provides effective and compassionate counsel to protect yourself and your family for whatever legal impediments that will arise or any difficult family issues. It also become significantly complicated when people from different countries get married and who choose to reside in another country. And it doesn’t stop right there also as settlement and child custody will be disputed accordingly.

In some circumstances, this family issue can result and become full blown that could lead to physically harming each other. And the next thing that comes to your mind is to look for a lawyer such the likes of personal injury lawyer Denton that can provide you with excellent legal representation. This kind of lawyer will help anyone to seek compensation in order to get your life back on track although it is more common to situations when you are physically or psychologically harmed due to negligence or wrong doing of other person may it be auto accidents or industrial related casualty.