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Catching-up the lost Times

Family reunions are one of the activities that is much awaited and cherished especially in close-knit families. It brings back memories that in one way or another helped mold us to what we are today. Almost everyone is so eager to share to the family all the good things that had happened to them and also the not so good happenings in their respective lives. Sharing old jokes and horror stories just reminds us of how we laugh out loud till we turn blue gasping out for air, or how we cower in fear of the fictional boogeyman in the closet.

During night time, the cousins most of the times sleeps together on the floor except for the young ones who likely have baby sleeping problems or they just could not sleep due to the continuous babbling of their older cousins catching-up for the lost times. Then the same routine will be repeated in the next few days or few weeks and before they know it, vacation is almost over, they have to pack again and get back to reality that they have their own responsibilities to face, deadlines to catch-up, sales reports to accomplish, expense reports to submit before the allowance runs out. At least for a moment we were able to get a breather from all the toxic schedules this world has to offer.