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We Missed the Football Match

We suppose to watch another football game yesterday with hubby’s favorite team Real Madrid who will be facing Paris Saint-Germain. He said that the latter is the champions in France last year and is currently on top of the standings in French football league. So it was way back mid of December last year when we went to Villagio Mall so he can buy the tickets before it will eventually runs out considering how popular Real Madrid is, at the same time, PSG is a Qatari owned team. At least that’s what hubby had told me.

But then, it was not meant that we will watch it together as our son had fever for five days and it was only yesterday morning that he does not have fever and the whole day and we did not give him medicine anymore. Aside that he already consumed his prescribed medicine, we are about to go back to his doctor for follow-up if the fever still don’t go down. So when hubby arrived from work in the afternoon he decided not to go to the doctor anymore since our son is doing fine already and on his way to recovery.

And since our son just recently recovered from his illness, I decided not to expose him from the cold weather outside and he can also rest well because the winter school break will be finished in two days time. It is also a blessing in disguise that we did not watch the football match despite hubby’s insistence because it rained heavily during the game. Hubby said that they are soaking wet already even before the final whistle was blown off. And before I forget and carried away again, hubby’s team won the match, if you would want to know. You can also go to hubby’s blog to see more photos about it.