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Bonding Quality Relationships

Sometimes it is just so hard to have a toddler in the house especially between the age of two and four years. And I know now the reason what many have said that by the time kids reach the age of two they often are labeled as the terrible two. It is also for that reason why hubby is keeping all breakables inside the closet and he refrain from buying anything that has the potential to break especially the glass products. I am just grateful that to have him as he can think more in advance when it comes to the safety of our son.

On the other hand, you cannot simply avoid this kind of situation considering that it is their nature when they reach such age. All we can do is to minimize the impact in our home furnishing and you should be stocking any kind of adhesives in the house as well so you can easily attach them back in one piece. It may not be brought back to its original design but at least you still can use them as a unique home decor. So click here if you are looking to have a bonding quality relationship for any kind of breakable in your house.

Image from wikimedia commons.