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Helping Kids Find Their Passion

Several days back, we finally bought our son the ball he always asked us every time we go to the mall. We bought him a small football that is appropriate to his age. And even before we could pay for it he is already playing while still inside the mall. When we arrived home late that afternoon, he cannot resist asking his dad if I want to play ball with him. His words were “you want to play?” and he’s going to keep on asking you until you play with him. In fact, he even asked me if I want to play with him when hubby refused as he is tired already kicking ball with him.

I suspect that they are playing football in the school as he is so eager to play with it. Perhaps we want to enroll him later to learn the game of football or help him find his passion. But again, we don’t want to force him to get involve with or into something that he doesn’t want. Just like with our neighbor in the adjacent house, who last night we over heard them playing with drums. I know that it was there son’s passion in music especially in drums that lead them to buy a set of drums so he can practice at home. I just hope they put rubber trims on the edge, like the classic drum rugs to keep the set in place so it will become stable and won’t skid.