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Even Tempered and Well Behaved Dog

It was only a few months back that I learned that hubby loves to own a dog particularly the breed of Labrador. He said that it is the most even tempered and well behaved breeds of dog that you don’t have to worry if you leave your kids with them. Perhaps, they really are man’s best friend.

And a quick search leads me to an article that it is somehow the favorite assistance dog breed that is frequently trained to guide the blind and autistic people. Labradors are also used as therapy dogs and are utilized by many law enforcement agencies. Hubby specifically loves the yellow lab out of the three primary colors it have.

An in-depth research leads me to a discovery that Labradors are kind, pleasant, outgoing and has tractable nature. And I now know why it was used in the law enforcement because their sense of smell allows them to track on in almost any scent and follow the path of its origin until they find it. Another thing that amazes me is their sense of great gentleness that it believes to carry an egg in its mouth without breaking it.

Would that be a good impression that you somehow don’t need anymore a sport dog collar for them?

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.