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Flower Decoration

I must admit that the modern world, especially the internet, has been a big help for stay at home moms. Not just it gives you other means in helping in the family’s finances but it also provides enormous choices of home decor ideas. In fact, the concepts that I have in redecorating our walls, all came from the world wide web. The vast amount of ideas that you can find in the internet is just huge and endless. What I like most is the never ending flow of concepts from selfless individuals that contributed to the growing amount of DIY picture.

For now, I have done more enhancements to the entire house already and not just in our walls but also in the arrangement of foods inside our refrigerator. I was able to segregate it well and giving more spaces in the freezer. And the funny thing was, I started all these home improvement thing with only a small stuff using paper towels in making different colors of flower. The next thing I know, I started buying more for my DIY projects and all of them came from the internet. I also recycled bottles, tin can (big and small) and cardboard boxes for this project of mine. I even use the old rubber floor mat of our son as wall décor.