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Eating in Portion during Vacation

Summer is just around the corner as I could feel already the heat of the sun at mid morning when I water the plants. Although it is still chilly at early morning and late afternoon and the temperature could still drop at 15 degrees Celsius at night. Yet I am adamant of the weather condition next month especially that we are planning of going on vacation.

But what really bothers me more is the possibility of eating too much for I know there are so many good foods in the Philippines. And I am sure I will gain an extra pound when go back after the vacation because even right now I am already craving for the foods that I want to eat. Much more that there are a lot of fiesta celebrations going on in the whole month of May and I think I will bring with me a portion control bowls so I could at least limit what I can put in my mouth. I know for sure that it is hard to resist especially when there are occasions to celebrate. Yet, I believe that if I have done it before, I’m sure I could still do limit what I will eat or perhaps eat in portions.