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It’s hard to Breathe

I have read hubby’s blog yesterday and he was talking about the dangers if you are not going to hydrate yourself properly and appropriately during summer time. And I would say that the heat is really unbearable in the past week, so it is indeed really dangerous if you are not drinking the right amount of water to replace what you have lost in your sweat. But then I think he also has a point when it comes to humidity and that it is comparatively dangerous as well.

I think it has been a week or so now that it is not just hot but it is quite humid as well and you are going to sweat a lot even while standing outside. How much more if you gonna combine it with the scorching heat of summer. I’m pretty sure you will drop dead in less than an hour if you’re not going to take care of your body. And hubby is so true also when he said that it reduces your ability to breathe. It’s like you’re out of breath and that it’s hard to breathe as well. It’s like something pressing on your chest that it prevents you from breathing normally.