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Customer Satisfaction is the Key

Having a business is easy but getting it moving forward and prosper is a different story. You need to have customers coming back and patronize whatever you have to offer them. And if you aren’t going to satisfy them with the kind of service you have then the day that you’re going to close down is numbered. So customer satisfaction is what I believe the key and most important factor.

And that is also what’s in my mind when I set up our e-store knowing the fact that there are fierce competitions in luring customers your way and make them come back for more. You also have to be patient or perhaps extend your patience when there’s scarcity of customers in the beginning as you are still trying to build up name and reputation. But it doesn’t stop right there as you have to maintain if not improve your customer’s satisfactions. This reminds me several months back about the great service that we experience in getting our drinking water most especially at that time since we just came back from our vacation.

Perhaps, it is the reason why hubby did not pursue his plan of adding a different brand of bottled water so we won’t run out of drinking water in the house. So I always put it in my mind that a quality service for the customers may not bear fruit now but someday it will. You just have to be patient and do not hastily get those big results when you are still starting running your business. Don’t expect to gain huge customer turn out overnight but having an online presence will help you ease the burden of tapping the previously unreachable and potential customers.

Image from consumerschoiceaward.com