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A Classic Contemporary Home

I could still remember the stories that hubby told me about his dad, of how he got sick while he was constructing the interiors of their ancestral house. It was built in the early 80ish and have undergone so many renovation and face lift since, from outside to inside including the fulfillment of having an underground room. And as the make over continues and seems no stopping at all, it now looks like a cocktail of classic contemporary home. But I should say that the home improvement process doesn’t happen overnight. It took years of meticulous and detailed handicraft and skillful carpentry.

Hubby’s dad had just an exceptional skills and talent on this kind of trade for it won’t take long for him to build or make his own artwork by just simply looking at the masterpiece. But I got a hintch that he might be working in ovis with the type of woodworking artistry that he have. It’s just simply amazing to know my father-in-law with such class of craftsmanship and I’m crossing my fingers that our vacation will push through so we can attend his 70th birthday next month. It would be great to see what’s new in the ancestral house.