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Keeping Us Comfortably Warm

As the cold season starts crawling in every day that passes by, I could feel the change of the outside temperature during the night and in early morning. It is already a bit chilly when you stay longer outside with just a sweater on and it is still darkish too even it is already 30 minutes past five in the morning. Those simply are signs that winter is slowly coming to town and more outdoor activities to come into sight. In fact, an overnight at the beach with friends and families is on the drawing board already and is considered a done deal since schedules were already arranged as early as now.

On the other hand, we start using the comforter sets again at home as it becomes uncomfortably cool at night and we cannot just increase the thermostat of the air conditioner because of our son who is already at the age of terrible two. He even will removed his blanket in the middle of the night, probably he feels warm, while we are fast asleep so comfortably warm with the comforters. And there are many instances as well that we’ve seen him sleeping just stretch away from our feet since it’s the cooler part of our bed.

There may be different types and styles of comforter sets out there but ours has been with us for more than two years already yet it still looks marvelous despite being accidentally washed in the washing machine. Perhaps next year is the best time to find a replacement so it would continue keeping us warm.

Image from wikimedia commons.