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Exposing Our Son in Techie Gadgets

It wasn’t long time ago that we have introduced our son to the techie world not because we want him to go with the flow in the trend of the modern civilization but because I cannot control him if hubby is out at work. He is so active that even doing the daily chores in the house has affected my routine and so in order for him to keep still, I gave her my Samsung smartphone so he could play and be in one area. So far, it has proven a good distraction for him not to run all the time in the house which became a big safety issue to him at some point.

Then two weeks ago, we bought him a low tech tablet to at least give him a bigger sized techie toy while at the same time keeping my Samsung away from his hands as he keeps on dropping it when he change a spot. There have been several occasions already that he accidentally dropped the phone and I am afraid that it will affect its function in the long run. The only thing with this new low tech gadget that we got for him is the low sensitivity of the screen that he had a hard time playing his Angry Birds. And there are only a few options of free downloadable games or should I say very limited.

But then again, don’t get me wrong… as we are not exposing him more to this gadget as we know that later on it will affect his eyesight. He only has limited time with it in a day.