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Keeping Your Kids Safe

When you have toddlers in the house, it would be so hard to keep them still and have them stay in one place. It is probably the reason why they are often labeled as the terrible two when they reach at this stage. And one of the most common concerns of parents is how to keep them away from harm and how to make the house safe from kids that’s curious of their environment. It is indeed a serious concern when it comes to the safety of your kids and it is necessary that you keep everything in the house as childproof as it can be.

And since it is common to have household chemicals in the house, it is also essential that we keep them out of reach of children as they are very dangerous and one of the common causes of accidental child poisoning. So it is critical that you must keep all the cabinet latch fastened all the time and that it could not easily be opened by curious kids. That it should require at least two actions before it can be opened and thereby limiting the chance of small kids gaining access to any unsafe areas in the house. It may not be an easy task but it is worth it when it comes to the safety of your kids.

NB: Image from mvr1.com.

A Glimpse of Seth’s New Car Seat

This is a long overdue post considering that Seth got his new car seat way back September still when he turns 2 years and 2 months but there are other things that made my day occupied. I have been busy with my other DIY wall decors and new sets of flowers.

Anyway, we decided to change and upgrade Seth to a new car seat because he has outgrown it already in terms of his weight and size and we have to follow the safety standards as well in order to be on the safe side while riding in the car. Although it’s a bit expensive but it is always best to invest on safety than feel sorry later on if accidents do happen and you don’t have the proper and appropriate car seat for your kids.

That on the other hand, happen to some parents who don’t know the safety standards or could be that they don’t care about the safety side because I have seen several parents who just let their kids seat at the front seat and some did not buckle up their kids at the back seats. Some even let their kids play around at the back seat while the vehicle is running.

Still Running Even Injured

When Seth got injured earlier this month, I was really scared but I am still fortunate enough that my husband is there to calm everything down. He is a nurse, that’s why I am confident when he checked our son. Although there was a fracture in his left collar bone but at least it is just a minor case. And despite of it we still cannot stop our son from running around and riding on his toy car even with only one arm.

And I think if he only has a toy horse, he surely will ride on the back as well even without a real english saddle on it. But I think that will not happen in the near future until he is old enough to know the difference between safety and risk prone. Right now, we are planning of getting him a bicycle instead with two supporting wheels on the side so he will not flip-over when he starts to pedal on the street outside the house.

We are also lucky that the street here in our community is safe from motorist as they respect the kids playing around. They will slow down and sometimes will stop just to let the kids cross.

The Innocence of a Child

As our son grows older and bigger, we noticed how attentive he is in his surroundings. He even imitates what he saw on TV and what others are doing. Recently, he will start singing every time he hears the alphabet songs. And when we went to church several weeks ago, he imitates what the drummer is doing on the stage. I think he had a great time doing it because when we’re back in the house, he used the old tin can of his milk and used it as a drum.

And I’m pretty sure that once he’s old enough he would appreciate it more then he probably would like to hear the sounds of the marvelous cymbals. Perhaps, later on he would want to try tinkering and explore other instruments as well. The only thing with him right now is that he is so active that he keeps on running around the house. So he won’t be staying in one area for long and before you knew it, he’s no longer interested with the drums. But I must tell you that he’ll return to his tin can drum again and will innocently strike it repeatedly with a thin stick.

With the way he is running around the house, I am just worried about his safety as he tries to imitate whatever he saw on TV. He’s been dancing as well and mimics those difficult moves. Then he starts climbing at the back of our sofa too which is quite dangerous if no one is around to watch him. It is probably the cause when he sustained a greenstick fracture on his left collar bone earlier this month.

Seth in the Baby Carrier

As I want to keep on writing for this blog I stumble in a blog that hosts a meme that they called “Wednesday White”. It’s anything that is or has white color. So I decided to join with my son as the subject on his white polo shirt during his first birthday.

His grandpa put him in his cousin’s baby carrier and he is too big already yet he’s enjoying the ride.