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Toddlers are Good at Interior Paintings

It is so easy to catch and know whether there’s a toddler living in the house. It is not just being about being labeled as the terrible twos (pointing to the age of toddlers when they start their tantrums), it is also the time when they want to write or color something, not only on papers and books but also on the walls as well. They can be good at interior paintings, I presume.

In fact, it is well noted already and is very much evident on the walls in our bedroom, near the door in the kitchen, close to the TV in our living room, on the side of the window and the walls along the stairs. The sad thing is that, it is so hard to remove it and if ever you successfully remove them, it won’t take that long for you see another interior paintings designed by toddlers. I guess we just have to be patient and should wait a little more while after he goes to school before we start the cleaning up of the entire walls in the house.

I am just hoping that when our son turns three in five months, we can be able to control his behavior already as he only listen, most of the time, to his father. But there are many times that we have to repetitively berate him as he won’t listen and if he does, he will do it again after several minutes. He really is at the stage of terrible twos.

What Seth Can Do at Eight Months

What Seth can do as an eight month old boy?
My little boy is now eight month old. He just celebrated it last monday as I’ve mentioned in my previous blog. As he turned eight, we’ve noticed a lot of things that he can already do. Seeing it brings us happiness most of the time. But, not all he can do are pleasant to us. It’s kinda scary sometimes.
Here are things that my baby can do at this point of his age.
1. Sleeping in different amusing positions.
sleeping with milk in his mouth and lips
sleeping with art
sleeping while waiting

2. Trying hard to eat by himself.

eating my favorite vegetable, carrot

3. Biting his foot.

4. Standing by himself for a few seconds without holding on to something.
5. Making his first three steps by himself.
6. Uttering words such as nana, ete, tata and dada.
7. And the scary one, climbing up the crib.

I am not anymore confident leaving him inside of his crib with no one watching. Well, what can I do, this is just part of his growing up.

That is all for now. I’ll just update this again once I’ll find a new one. So, hang on there!

Just click the picture if you want to view it in its original size.

Seth: First Time to Say Pa-pa

We are scheduled to buy our groceries today. We usually do this every after two weeks at Doha City, which is more than 30 kilometers away from our place. At around 3 o clock in the afternoon, we off to Doha. We always bring Seth with us wherever we go and as usual, he is placed in his car seat situated at the backseat of our car.
I also sat at the back beside him to entertain him and to attend his needs. Seth was in his good mood, along the way, he talked and talked. He uttered words such as aba-ba-ba or ma-ma-ma and for the first time, words such as pa-pa-pa, and pa-pa-ma.

My husband and I were so amused of what my baby is saying. I grabbed my cam and started to record it with a smile on my lips.

Seth: The Seven Months Old Baby

Seeing my baby growing up everyday, is wonderful and a fulfilling one. My little boy, who is very playful, is now seven months old. At this month, my baby :
started to walk with his walker
able to stand holding on to something,

started to object if i try to take away the toy or something he held in, able to pick up tiny object by his thumb and fingers, and able to say ma-ma-ma, ba-ba-ba and aw-aw-aw.

Actually, his first word when he was two months old was ahh-goo and he started saying ma-ma-ma when he was around six months old.