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A Glimpse of Seth’s New Car Seat

This is a long overdue post considering that Seth got his new car seat way back September still when he turns 2 years and 2 months but there are other things that made my day occupied. I have been busy with my other DIY wall decors and new sets of flowers.

Anyway, we decided to change and upgrade Seth to a new car seat because he has outgrown it already in terms of his weight and size and we have to follow the safety standards as well in order to be on the safe side while riding in the car. Although it’s a bit expensive but it is always best to invest on safety than feel sorry later on if accidents do happen and you don’t have the proper and appropriate car seat for your kids.

That on the other hand, happen to some parents who don’t know the safety standards or could be that they don’t care about the safety side because I have seen several parents who just let their kids seat at the front seat and some did not buckle up their kids at the back seats. Some even let their kids play around at the back seat while the vehicle is running.

The Basics in Child Car Seat Safety

It will make hubby become insane to see children riding unsafely in the car even if he is not telling it to me because I could sense it and see it in his facial reaction most especially when seeing kids in the front seat. That is because he has seen too many horrific accidents involving children and small kids then he always would say that it is the most difficult instances in any rescue efforts.

For sure many parents are still clueless and misinformed when it comes to the basics in child car seat safety and what’s worse is that a lot has substituted safety with comfort. Many love to let their kids play inside the car while they are moving and travelling not knowing how unsafe it is. And my husband always reminds me that anything inside the car that is unstrapped is always a potential projectile when the vehicle is moving.

Just remember that a child restraint system not only securely holds your kids in place but also it protects them from harm if ever you encounter an accident. Many lives have been saved because of car seat restraints so never ignore its value. And what I‘ve learned from hubby is the proper use of the restraint system that the harness should snugly fit them. Lastly, make sure to use a car seat that meets the safety standards set by the regulatory body in terms of size and weight specifications.

What to Know about Child Restraint System

  • Adjust the front passenger seat so that it does not interfere with the child restraint system or child seat.
  • Attach a child seat to the rear seat of the vehicle as tightly as possible so that the child will not wobble or fall forward.
  • Adjust the harness straps on the child seat so that they are free from twists and do not rest against the child’s neck.
  • If the driver’s seat interferes with the child seat and prevents from being installed correctly, install the child seat on the rear seat behind the front passenger seat.
  • Never install a rear-facing child seat to the front passenger seat under any circumstances. When it is attached to the front passenger seat and the airbag deploys, the force will press against the back of the child seat causing a life-threatening injuries.
  • In case you must attach a child seat in the front passenger seat, make sure that it is installed facing forward. Always move the seat as far back as possible because the front passenger airbag could inflate with considerable speed and force.

Child seat usage reduces fatalities by 75%

Use a child seat that properly fits your child.

     Data from Japan Institute for traffic Accident Research and Analysis Center
  • When using a booster seat, always make sure the shoulder belt is positioned across the center of the child’s shoulder. The belt should be kept away from the child’s neck, but not falling off the child’s shoulder.