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A Car Seat Safety Reminder to All

I have been making posts about car seat safety in the past but I haven’t made any detailed information of the guidelines set by authorities and regulatory body. And when I was about to make one, hubby started making his own post also on car seat safety guidelines for infants and toddlers and for children 2 years and older. Although he has yet to publish the latter and he’s still finishing it up as well. That tempted me to make my own post considering that our son is almost 2 years and six months old already.

But at the back of my mind, I am adamant to start one since it needs more research for me as it entails specific information because I will be sharing it not only to moms out there but to fathers as well. And since hubby is more knowledgeable and adept about health and safety, I was thinking of letting him finish it and will just share it here once it is done. I will just let him do the hard work then I will ask permission to him later so I could post his article here.

The Basics in Child Car Seat Safety

It will make hubby become insane to see children riding unsafely in the car even if he is not telling it to me because I could sense it and see it in his facial reaction most especially when seeing kids in the front seat. That is because he has seen too many horrific accidents involving children and small kids then he always would say that it is the most difficult instances in any rescue efforts.

For sure many parents are still clueless and misinformed when it comes to the basics in child car seat safety and what’s worse is that a lot has substituted safety with comfort. Many love to let their kids play inside the car while they are moving and travelling not knowing how unsafe it is. And my husband always reminds me that anything inside the car that is unstrapped is always a potential projectile when the vehicle is moving.

Just remember that a child restraint system not only securely holds your kids in place but also it protects them from harm if ever you encounter an accident. Many lives have been saved because of car seat restraints so never ignore its value. And what I‘ve learned from hubby is the proper use of the restraint system that the harness should snugly fit them. Lastly, make sure to use a car seat that meets the safety standards set by the regulatory body in terms of size and weight specifications.

Looking for Car Seat Cover

It was only very recently that we replaced our son’s car seat from a rear facing to a forward facing one. He was already more than 2 years and 1 month when he finally sits facing forward every time we went out. He was stuck on a rear facing car seat for quite some time and in fact, it became inconvenient for him already because his legs are quite long. Every time he sits there, he needs to bend his knees outwardly so he could snugly fit in the car seat.

But there’s a safety standards on when are you going to switch your child from rear facing to forward facing car seat and which is often the dilemma of many parents. I’m sure many are asking for how long should your baby be in a rear facing car seat because many parents usually shift their baby to a forward facing right after their first birthday. So get back here in a couple of days because that will be a separate post that I will be doing since it needs a thorough discussion.

So with that experience, I encourage my husband to purchase a car seat cover because it is important in avoiding the car seat from getting any kind of stain. It does not only make him sit comfortably while reading his favorite book, such the likes of Herman Melville books, it also will look tidy and neat. At the same time, the seat cover can easily be washed than the entire care seat itself. So I am now in constant look for a car seat cover that suits the color of his Ferrari car seat.