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Looking for Microphone Replacement

Learning to play guitar has been one of the many aspirations that I want to achieve in fact, I have a strong desire to pursue playing with it one of these days. But the longer it takes the lesser it is most likely to happen especially when you have a very active toddler in the house. That has occupied most of my time, aside of course from the household chores, particularly when he started going to school six months ago.

Perhaps, I will just be contented right now in my so called singing career in our karaoke, as if I have a golden voice worth of being chosen at the American Idol. Even that too, I also have a competitor from our toddler’s active lifestyle. And that just reminded me of looking for cheap shure microphones as the mic that was with our karaoke when we bought it aren’t that nice. It doesn’t have a decent clear and deep sound that could satisfy even the amateurs.