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Creating His Own Band

It has been more than two months now since we arrived from our vacation and I miss already the time we spent when we don’t have to keep an eye on our son around the clock. What I also miss is the time we spent with one of the closest friend of hubby because we always have a great time even for just a few hours. This also reminds me of hubby’s friend who is saving to buy the guitar that he has wanted to have. And if he knows about the bass guitars for sale at a very reasonable price then I’m pretty sure he’s going to check it out.

He won’t be able to sleep well just merely by thinking about it and I think he already has enough money from his online writing earnings that was introduced to him by hubby. Although I am not quite sure, yet it should have been substantial already since it’s been awhile now since he started writing. If not then it won’t be that long before he gets his dream guitar paid only by his online gig. He is just so addicted with guitars and I wonder if he’s going to create his own band over time.