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Signifying Your Membership

Being a stay at home mom is tough when you are dealing with a very active toddler that keeps on running all day long. And probably the only time he stops running is when he is asleep but at the back of my mind I have doubts too. So anyway, during one of my cleaning days in the house, I moved a lot of hubby’s things like books, journals, magazines and some stuff that I am sure has something to do with his previous work. And one that captures my attention is this big piece of metal that looks like a coin yet it is not since it doesn’t carries any denomination at all.

More so that it has an engraved marks pertaining to a specific government organization. And when I searched online, there’s a lot who collects, buy and sell such coins. Although you cannot just simply buy challenge coins especially when it has something to do with prestigious and known organizations as this kind of coins were given to members only so as to signify their membership. Yet in the military it was also given to individuals as a gift in certain occasions or when you have done something extra ordinary at work, at least that’s what hubby has told me. Maybe that’s where he got this big and quite heavy piece of coin.